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Movie Posters

November 28th, 2013

Your Own Private IdahoSuper late, so sorry Jake ­čÖü

“Your Own Private Idaho” (named after the B-52’s song “Private Idaho”)

A heartwarming indie film of an old widowed potato farmer in Idaho (the creepy old guy from “Something’s Got to Give”).┬á Due to a back injury he needs his son (Janitor from Scrubsaddicted family (Julianne Moore, you know her,┬áBrick from The Middle, and that skinny guy from Juno).┬á They drop their lives for a couple weeks to go down to Idaho to convince their stubborn grandfather to sell the farm and move into a retirement┬áhome, but will they be the one to┬áchange their minds?


2 Responses to “Movie Posters”

  1. ashleydudek says:

    But was their entire soundtrack B52’s songs?

  2. Jim Groom says:

    Gus Van Sant beat you to a version of this film ­čÖé

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