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Noah Scalin

September 6th, 2013

Noah Scalin is an artist/author/musician/whatever the fuck he wants to be.  He’s this awesome (well from what I’ve read) guy in Richmond that likes skulls…a lot.  He even started the Skull-A-Day blog.  Now I’m not saying that all of his work is skull-based, but out of everything I found in the internet, most of it was.  Let me make this super clear: I am not bashing on him for sticking with skull artwork, I am simply stating facts.  Okay, now I will start talking about my opinion.  Good for him.  He can do so much with just the image of a skull and he makes it work.  I knew this artsy fartsy girl in high school that always (and I mean ALWAYS) incorporated an octopus in her art class projects somehow.  If she couldn’t make her entire piece focus on an octopus, she would do whatever her art assignment was, and then just have an octopus lurking somewhere in the background, which got kinda odd when they started doing landscapes.  Scalin at least owns it and makes it unique every time.  The only thing I don’t like is the design of his stupid website.  I get it, you’re artsy fartsy and you don’t want to make your website “normal” but come on man, seriously?

here are some of his pieces I pulled from his stupid website:

United Skulls of America II

United Skulls of America II

and Dark Sisters

Dark Sisters


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